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Lams Proactive Health Adult Cats Hairball  Succulent Roast Chicken

Iams Adult Hairball Control is rich in succulent meal Chicken, normally neutralizes the development of hairballs, for felines from one year of age, with DentalCare recipe for clean teeth and sound gums 

Felines swallow hair amid prepping which may prompt the development of hairballs in the stomach. Iams Adult Hairball feline nourishment is a total sustenance which tastes heavenly and normally balances the development of hairballs. It contains normal, vegetable-based fiber which encourages the vehicle of hairs through the stomach related tract so they are removed with the stool. 

For Adult Cats From the Age of 1-12 Years. 

It is critical to examine the eating regimen of your pet with your pet's veterinarian to guarantee it's security.

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