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Dog Clicker With Whistle

  1. Fine Quality
  2. Clicked & Whistle (2 in 1)
  3. Used for puppy/dog training


It's a preparation clicker as well as a shriek. 

To utilize the Clicker, you have to educate your pet that a tick implies that a reward is to take after. 

The pooch's conduct as per your direction should be prepared. 

Great preparing help apparatus for your pets. 

Sufficiently little in your grasp. 

Raised catch configuration to enact the snap. 

Build up your association with your pets through instructing and preparing them. 

Incredible for preparing Obedience/Agility. 


Material: Plastic 

Shading: Royal Blue 

Strategy: Audible preparing 

Measurements: 72mm x 30mm x 22mm 

Net Weight: 15g 

Bundle incorporates: 1 x Pet Training Click and Whistle

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