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Setting an ID Tag is the First and Only Line of Defense for Lost Pet Prevention and Recovery! Microchip Is insufficient! It won't help you discover it if it's lost – it will just help distinguish the pet if and when the chip is filtered. We imprint the Tags separately for each of your pet's with their name and your telephone number so whoever finds your pet can connect with you. The odds of finding a lost feline or pooch are far more noteworthy on the off chance that it is wearing an ID Tag. We know how essential your pet is to you and your family so we inclination to avoid potential risk.
Accessible in six distinct hues.
Labels are engraved utilizing Laser Etching Technology.
It would be ideal if you take into account 5 to 8 working days for etching and conveyance to your doorstep.
Our standard techniques for etching labels is to put the name and number on a similar side in as extensive a textual style as conceivable with a specific end goal to make it simple for even the most hesitant bystander to observe it. God disallow if any pet, were to get lost, odds are that they may go over bystanders who are not happy with getting near a canine they don't have a clue. On occasion if a pet is harmed or focused on, it will respond all the more forcefully to outsiders and that is the reason the name and the number on the label should be in a vast text style with the goal that it is clear notwithstanding for individuals who would prefer not to come excessively near the pet for any reason. In the event that you wish to modify the etching in any capacity, it should be possible at extra cost Rs. 200

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