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Family Jumbone Mini with Chicken and Rice is a reciprocal pet sustenance for grown-up pooches. It is the ideal longer enduring treat for your canine. The pack contains 4 Mini Jumbone bite bones that keenly join a hard chewy external with a flavorful substantial focus – something he can truly get his teeth into and it tastes fabulous as well. Give him the treat he truly merits. Contains Omega 3 to keep him fit forever, Vitamins to keep up his regular safeguards, Minerals including Calcium to give him solid bones. It is a Low-Fat nibble that contains No counterfeit hues or flavors. 

Fixings: Cereals (counting 4% Rice), Derivatives of Vegetable Origin, Meat and Animal Derivatives (counting 4% Chicken), Various Sugars, Minerals, Seeds, Oils and Fats, Vegetable Protein Extracts, Herbs 

Nourishing Instructions: 

Little puppies (4-10 kg) – nourish up to 1 bite for every week. Medium mutts (10-15kg) – nourish up to 2 bytes for each week. Medium canines (15-25kg) – sustain up to 3 bytes for every week. Vast canines (25 kg or more) – encourage up to 5 bytes for every week. 

Every bite gives 8% of the week by week vitality necessities of a 4 kg pooch. If it's not too much trouble diminish primary dinner in like manner. Not reasonable for pooches under 4 kg or puppies less than 9 years old months. Use within 14 days of opening. Crisp drinking water ought to dependably be accessible.

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