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Pedigree Original Loaf Wet Dog Food Can

Family Original is an entire pet nourishment for grown-up pooches. It gives 100% finish sustenance to create and sustain sound bones, solid absorption, smooth skin and a glossy coat. It underpins your pet's invulnerable framework. This sustain contains no simulated hues or enhances and no additives of any sort. 


Meat and Animal Derivatives (42%, including 4% Beef, 4% Fresh Meat, 11% Tripe), Cereals, Derivatives of Vegetable Origin (0.5% Dried Sugar Beet Pulp), Minerals, Oils and Fats (0.5% Sunflower Oil), Vegetable Protein Extracts 

Nourishment: Protein: 7.5, Fat substance: 7, Inorganic matter: 2.3, Crude strands: 0.8, Moisture: 80, Additives per kg: Nutritional added substances: Vitamin B 1: 71 mg, Vitamin B 2: 12 mg, Vitamin B 6: 0.5 mg, Vitamin D 3: 150 I U, Vitamin E: 50 mg, Calcium inundate anhydrous: 0.4 mg, Cupric sulfate pentathlete: 6 mg, Ferrous sulfate mono hydrate: 10 mg, Manga nous sulfate mono hydrate: 6 mg, Zinc sulfate mono hydrate: 107 mg. Innovative added substances: Cassia gum: 3200 mg

Weight: 400g

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