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Tasty chips precisely arranged in a celestial dissolving jam. The ideal pet nourishment decision to rouse a nestle of warmth. Accessible in 85g feline sustenance pockets. 

At Sheba we comprehend your catlike companion's want for great feline nourishment and all around created formulas. Sheba has planned an accumulation of prevalent pet nourishment, with scrumptious formulas, making encouraging your feline a delight without fail. You'll make them murmur and pawing for additional. 

Amazing grown-up feline sustenance giving complete nourishment to your catlike friend, Scrumptious feline sustenance pieces precisely arranged in a celestial dissolving jam, 85g feline sustenance pocket tenderly arranged, with a delightful flavor that feline's adoration, Delicious pet sustenance produced using select fixings

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