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An excellent bolster for puppies who require additional vitality. You can blend a proper sum with your pet's normal encourage for additional vitality amid times of pressure or recuperation, or give as a total dinner all alone to work puppies who always require more elevated amounts of protein.

SPORTMiX High Energy Adult Chunk is a fabulous recipe, extraordinarily made for grown-up canines that require additional protein and fat in their eating routine because of high movement levels or living condition. SPORTMiX High Energy Adult Chunk is figured with supplemental flaxseed which can help guarantee an enhanced Omega-6/Omega-3 unsaturated fat adjust advancing a sound skin and coat. 

Sustaining Guidelines 

Canine Weight ‹ 4.5 kg 5 – 11 kg 12 – 22 kg 22 – 40 kg 40+ kg 

Feed 80 g 80 – 200 g 200 – 300 g 300 – 500 g 500+ g 

We propose you utilize the graph as a guide and alter as important to keep up appropriate weight. The prescribed bolstering part may shift as per age, breed and personality. Have crisp water accessible consistently. 

Kilocalories per Kg: 4,795

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