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Setting an ID Tag is the First and Only Line of Defense for Lost Pet Prevention and Recovery! Microchip Is inadequate! It won't help you find it if it's lost – it will simply recognize the pet if and when the chip is analyzed. We scratch the Tags autonomously for each of your pet's with their name and your phone number so whoever finds your pet can interface with you. The chances of finding a lost cat or puppy are significantly more vital if it is wearing an ID Tag. We know how basic your pet is to you and your family so we craving to take no chances. 

Open in six remarkable tones. 

Names are engraved using Laser Etching Technology. 

If its all the same to you think about 5 to 8 working days for carving and transport to your doorstep. 

Our standard techniques for carving marks is to put the name and number on a comparable side in as colossal a content style as possible remembering the ultimate objective to make it basic for even the most reluctant onlooker to watch it. God deny if any pet, were to get lost, chances are that they may go over onlookers who are not content with getting close to a pooch they don't have the foggiest thought. From time to time if a pet is hurt or centered around, it will react more mightily to untouchables and that is the reason the name and the number of the name ought to be in an immense printed style with the objective that it is coherent despite for people who might lean toward not to come too much close to the pet for any reason. If you wish to alter the drawing in any way, it ought to be conceivable at additional cost Rs. 200

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